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Category Archives: Peruvian

Butifarra sandwich

Butifarra Sandwich // Braised Pork Shoulder with Red Onion Relish

An updated version of the Peruvian classic, jamon del pais. This recipe consists of braising the pork shoulder low andView full post »

Bistec apanado

Bistec Apanado // Pan-Fried Breaded Steak

A traditional Peruvian home-cooked meal, bistec apanado is the Latin American version of chicken fried steak minus theView full post »

Cocktail Hour: Algarrobina

A traditional Peruvian cocktail made with algarrobo syrup, pisco, and milk.View full post »

Peruvian-spiced whole roasted chicken

A flavorful spin on traditional roast chicken utilizing beloved Peruvian chiles and spices — aji colorado, cumin,View full post »

In memory of my grandpa: Peruvian-style chicken empanadas

An authentic Peruvian-style chicken empanada recipe straight from my grandfather’s handwritten cookbook.View full post »

Peruvian Eats: Pastel de Acelga (Swiss Chard Pie)

This traditional Peruvian dish is chock full of fresh swiss chard and spinach, cheese, and nestled inside a flaky,View full post »

A Peruvian Favorite: Chupe de Camarones (Shrimp Soup)

This is comfort food at its’ Peruvian best! Gorgeously plump shrimp mingle in a scintillating sea of broth. WholeView full post »

A Peruvian Favorite: Sandwich de Jamon del pais

A scrumptious Peruvian sandwich stuffed with tender, fall-apart braised pork, spicy red onion relish, and all the fixinView full post »

The Right Way to Write // Peruvian Alfajores

A recipe for Peruvian alfajores– a deliciously sticky cookie treat filled with dulce de lecheView full post »

A Vacation in a Glass: Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour — A Traditional Peruvian CocktailView full post »