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The One About My Crazy Family and the Shrimps

This is why I’m weird. And, a tale about shrimps.View full post »

My Scrambled Eggs + Saveur’s Peanut and Arbol Chile Salsa

This scrambled egg taco is topped off with a spicy, nutty salsa and is perfect to quell your jones for something rabidlyView full post »

Hot Dog a la Peruana with Fried Egg, Pickled Onions, and Salsa Golf

This Peruvian-inspired hot dog is outfitted with everything you could possibly want to wrap your mouth around: spicyView full post »

Peruvian Eats: Pastel de Acelga (Swiss Chard Pie)

This traditional Peruvian dish is chock full of fresh swiss chard and spinach, cheese, and nestled inside a flaky,View full post »

Spicy Black Bean Soup with Aji Amarillo and Avocado-Lime Cream Sauce

Luscious and flavorful, this spicy black bean soup will wake up your taste buds and have you beggin’ please,View full post »

Butter-poached tilapia with parsley recipe

A minimalist but indulgent approach to poaching fish in butter.View full post »

Spaghetti “Pizza” with Sausage and Feta Cheese

This is an ultra-easy way to use up all those random scraps of food you have laying around in your fridge and freezer.View full post »

Honest Cooking + French Spaghetti with Anchovies and Piment d’Espelette

A spicy and flavorful noodle dish with pungent anchovies and piment d’espelette.View full post »

A Ray of Sunshine: English Cucumber, Arugula, and Tomato Sandwich with Lemon Aioli

She’s a beaut! This little thing is a true harbinger of Spring. Fresh. Light. Healthy. Vibrant.View full post »

Naughty vs. Nice (A Valentine’s Day Story): Fettuccine Alfredo with Thai Red Curry and Lump Crab Meat

Who needs cookies, brownies, and sticky sweets when you got heart-palpating Fettuccine Alfredo infused with Thai RedView full post »

A Peruvian Favorite: Chupe de Camarones (Shrimp Soup)

This is comfort food at its’ Peruvian best! Gorgeously plump shrimp mingle in a scintillating sea of broth. WholeView full post »

A Peruvian Favorite: Sandwich de Jamon del pais

A scrumptious Peruvian sandwich stuffed with tender, fall-apart braised pork, spicy red onion relish, and all the fixinView full post »

A Fresh Start to the New Year: Zesty Salmon Burgers

A light and flavorful salmon burger topped with arugula and a bright lemony mayo, sandwiched between crunchy crostiniView full post »

The Right Way to Write // Peruvian Alfajores

A recipe for Peruvian alfajores– a deliciously sticky cookie treat filled with dulce de lecheView full post »