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Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt Chips

Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt Chips

Do you like froyo?

I should rephrase that: do you LOVE froyo? I LOVE froyo.

There have been times that I’ve craved it so much it consumes me. I find myself daydreaming about it, imagining the sight of it nestled in my paper cup with the most flamboyant of tails. I make crazy flavor combinations in my head, mixing this one with that, tasting, swirling. The hardest part for me, at least initially, is deciding what toppings to sprinkle. It can be overwhelming, can’t it? With all the candies and sauces and fruits and oh my! But funnily enough, I always end up choosing the same two: granola and yogurt chips. That’s it. Out of all 3 million topping varieties and combos to choose from I will always pick them.

So, I’m going to be transparent with you. I made these thinking that they would be similar to the kind that I find at the froyo place– you know, the kind in the bin out in room temperature. Well, when these were all ready to go and frozen and yummy, I tumbled some into granola and left them out for a little while thinking it would be a nice snack for later. Um, a little word of advice: don’t do that. Unless you want little globs of yogurt melted onto your granola. Which I suppose still tastes good but wasn’t at all what I expected! I actually felt silly afterwards, thinking to myself, ‘of course they’re going to melt. you just froze them!’

Oy. I’m really glad I feel safe with you guys in sharing all my kitchen defeats. So while these really can’t be used for mixing into trail mix or baking, they are super fine as a topping for: froyo! ice cream! gelato! sorbet! your hands!

I’ve been sneaking into the freezer to grab a handful every now and again because they really do make tasty icy cold treats. And I hardly feel guilty because they are made from greek yogurt, which has mega amounts of protein (maybe not so much in these minuscule amounts but you catch mah drift) and they are all natural with no artificial nothing and no preservative junk stuff! Isn’t it sad that we have to proclaim that now? I mean good god, how did we ever position ourselves to think eating garbage was normal?!

p.s. don’t mind my ugly weathered old woman hands. they have seen too much iron lifting and hot water. apologies.


vanilla bean greek yogurt chips



vanilla bean greek yogurt chips


vanilla bean greek yogurt chips


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xo, steph

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Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie - I’m glad you mentioned that these cannot be used in baking because I was about ready to pounce on them and fold them into some cookie dough. I’d love it in ice cream though!

Stephanie - Kathryn, I get excited when I see vanilla bean too! Tempted to just buy them in bulk so I can always use them!

Kathryn - Ooh I’m so excited and intrigued to try these! Love those flecks of vanilla bean running through these.

Stephanie - Linda, it was a fine guess that it was coconut, considering I’ve been mesmerized by the stuff for a while now! I want to add it to everything! 🙂 Yep, I balance my froyo out with granola and yogurt chips– both good for you right?? 🙂

Stephanie - Nicole, um yeah the melting thing was completely unexpected– doh! I just found a recipe for maaaaybe keeping them stable at room temp though. Gonna experiment!

Linda - HA, totally thought they were coconut-flavored when you posted them on Instagram. And yessss, yogurt chips! I always add them to my froyo as well (to balance out all the unhealthy stuff – it’s psychological, heh). I love the idea that you can make them at home Steph! You know the commercial stuff probably contains lots of artificial stuff to keep them stable at room temp. so reserving them for ice cream is a fine idea. 🙂

P.S. Those vanilla bean flecks are GORGEOUS.

Nicole ~ Cooking for Keeps - Ok, this made me laugh out loud — the whole melting thing. Totally something I would do. They look perfect in their frozen state! 😉

Stephanie - Sini, haha thanks! 🙂 They are little munchkins aren’t they?

Sini | my blue&white kitchen - Awwww….look at them, they are so cute!! Will definitely make them.

Stephanie - Raven, yes!! I absolutely LOVE yogurt chips and I wanted to try my hand at making some at home. Super easy and they keep really well in the freezer! 😀

RavieNomNoms - That is such an amazing idea!!! I love it and I gotta try that like SOON

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