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Rose Milk Tea


I think I have a thing for white drinks? I’ve done the hot white chocolate and then the horchata and now this in like a span of a few weeks. Sorta weird but gonna roll with it anyway.

Been meaning to make this for you guys because I was so excited to pick up this rose tea at the Asian market a month ago and have been in love with it ever since. Sidenote: about two weekends ago I made a trip to the Asian market with the intention of only buying two things– soy sauce and sesame seed oil and so I didn’t bother to grab a basket. A little while later, hands and arms overflowing with bottled goods, I walk precariously to get the basket. Still, a few minutes beyond that, hefting/scooting with foot 100 lb. basket of things, I have to trade it in for a freakin’ cart. No idea why I’m telling you this story or that it even makes sense but it was sorta embarrassing having to walk back and forth in front of the check-out guy who was probably thinking this girl is a weirdo.

Anyway, pretty! Making this always makes me smile and feel uber girly. Doesn’t it make you wanna wear frilly lace and pearl necklaces? No? Oh.


Musical highlight today: Was stoked Drake won best rap album at the Grammy’s last night– I think his album Take Care is ah-mazing. I listen to it 3060.50 times a day. Here’s one of my favorites (also, the part at the end where his late grandma is talking, makes me get teary sometimes):





Rose milk tea


Makes 1 mugful


2 tablespoons loose leaf rose tea

1 cup hot boiling water

1/2 cup milk of your choice (today I used 2% milk)

Sweetener of your choice (today I used agave nectar)


// I used my french press for this but you could also just let the tea steep in a pot too. Put the tea into the french press (or pot) and pour the hot water over it and let this steep for at least 5 minutes, or more if you want it very concentrated. Press the strainer down and pour the tea into a mug. Meanwhile, warm up the milk until frothy. Add the milk to the tea and stir in your sweetener (if you’d like). Drink!


Eden Passante - This sounds so good for an afternoon pick me up! Yum!

Eden Passante - This looks so good! Love using rose too!

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Stephanie - Hi Emily!

I actually bought it at an Asian market just down the road from me. They had so many different varieties of tea!

emily - Where do you get the tea from?

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Stephanie - Hi Elce,

I hope you enjoyed it! I definitely love infusing tea into my milk– such a comfort and luxury!

elce - this looks absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to try it.

Michelle @ Hummingbird High - This. looks. AMAZING.

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