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In the land of plurals

There once lived a girl named Chuchana.

Chuchana was a free-spirit. She often spent her time doing the dancings and the daydreamings. She also did the fancying of the cookings and the eatings. Sometimes, she did the dancings and the cookings at the same times. In the end, she always loved the eatings. The eatings made her do the smilings.

There once lived a boy named Munchago.

Now, Munchago was a sweetheart. He always went out of his way to make sure Chuchana was doing the smilings and the laughings. If her feet were coldies, he would do the gettings of the sockies and put them on her. If she did the fallings asleeps with her glasses on, he would do the pullings offies and place them on the table beside him.

Between Chuchana and Munchago you would often do the seeings of a tiny little pooch named Manancanchu.

She was the cutest of them all.

She liked to do the cuddlings and the smoochings. And the playings and the huggings. She was perfect.

Together, Chuchana, Munchago, and Manancanchu did the livings happily ever afters in their little house in the land of plurals.


Baby sis - I loveies this story! 🙂 xoxo

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