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BFF (Bailey, my Furry Friend)

Also known as B-dog, or as you may remember from my post In the Land of Plurals, as Manancanchu.

Didn’t I tell you she was the cutest of them all? Just look at her, all prim and proper with her turquoise-studded collar as she pwns (gamer geek term for “own.” As in, “Dude, my mage pwned your warlock!” Yes. I am a gamer geek. I’ll pause for a moment to drink some water whilst you finish laughing) that rope toy.

Bailey will turn a youthful 7 years this upcoming October. I can still recall that blustery Winter’s eve out in the boondocks of Michigan where we handpicked our little darling. Of course, we opted out of getting the “normal-looking” one and instead went for the weird, quirky one that seemed to have a penchant for springing into walls head-on and hopping backwards betwixt our legs.

Yup. She was perfect.

XO, Steph

steph@nie - Hi, Mike! Hmm…I’m trying to remember where exactly we went to fetch Bailey. I wanna say someplace near the Grand Blanc area…way out farther though, where all the farms are. LOL. Sorry for being so non-descript. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours looks very interesting, as well. What a unique perspective.

Mike - I am from Michigan, the Paw Paw area, although now I love in Holland.

You mentioned “the boondocks of Michigan”.

Whereabouts in Michigan?

BTW, I like your blog. It is fun and has some good recipes.

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